Changing of the seasons



The seasons change every year. There is no stopping stalling or pausing. The world and life itself  will go on no matter the status of your anyone’s life. Being 20 is a very confusing time. The seasons change and you still feel like you’re standing completely still. The trees change colors and you cant help but notice their impeccable beauty. You watch them day by day get brighter and brighter until they finally start to turn brown and fall off, and this happens everywhere, but you cant see it everywhere.. And oh how you wish to see It everywhere right now. Maybe in a few more seasons you’ll have it completely figured out. doubtful. On the outside we all try to look like we have it together. Our Instagram’s are our highlights, where we sprinkle glitter and sugar to cover all the more sour aspects of our existence. We seem complete, with pets, family, cool events, vacations, friends and relationships. The reality though, we are all just as lost as one another. We are lost together. We are two souls riding our life out taking turns crying in each others arms. Always having your own battle in your head but realizing its easier to fight these battles along someone fighting their own. Realizing you may never feel like you have everything figured out but its okay becasue as long as you find a way to keep yourself happy.. at least most of the time. It will always be okay. The changing of the seasons feels like realizing your whole life is ahead of you.  A reminder of seasons past as a changing and growing period for your soul. As this continues to winter as the trees die and everything is cold and maybe snow coats the ground. Then the leaves grow back again, strengthened , renewed. Everything that has occurred has made you a greater you. A stronger person who is deserving of success that begins to occur. life is good, The future is exciting, have faith in yourself and your personal journey. – Xoxo hEo


3 Ways to rock a turtleneck this fall

Turtlenecks, oh all the ways you can style them, dress em down dress em up dress em in a circle. For me a turtleneck is the perfect fall essential and you can never have too many of them:) DSCF1786DSCF1789DSCF1790

The first way I styled this turtleneck is just with high waisted jeans and a belt, I love wearing a turtleneck by itself because it always makes your figure look super nice.


The second way I styled my turtle neck was with some amazing high waisted corduroy purple pants and a small cropped tank top. This look is slightly more dressy and a perfect outfit for thanksgiving.turtleneck 1nike 2

The last way I styled my turtle neck was more sporty/ casual. I paired a  grey nike  tee with some grey joggers, I love the combo of turtlenecks and t-shirts, it creates the perfect way to wear your favorite tees even when its 30 degrees outside.

Thanks for reading this post dear soul I wish you well on your life journey:) – hEo♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


My fall 2018 playlist

This playlist represents many things, but don’t think too hard. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

It represents things that I was feeling at that time. My moods throughout the fall time. What songs spoke to me what artist are sticking out to me. what I am going through and some may just be random songs I took an interest in. Music is a big part of my life and always has been. from a young age my mom introduced me to artist and bands like weezer, blink 182, green day, the killers, ect.. ect… On my own time and experimentation I discovered my own love for all different types of music. Pop, alternative, punk, rap, edm, dance, rock, I can literally say I ALMOST love all music…… I say almost because I Belive I have just one single country song in my whole music library. No hate to country music lovers, its just not my cup of tea.:) ANyway, check out my fall playlist below and feel free to follow me on apple music to browse any of my other playlist @ Heo7


Thrifty under $30

What $30 can get you from the thrift storeProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

        Oh thrift store… How your cheap prices and countless isles of endless possibilities intrigue me to no end. My love for thrift stores first began when I realized all of the treasures you could find for lowest of low prices. I try to go thrifting as often as my bank account allows me to which is sometimes once a week. Every now and then I set price goals, and see how many items I can get for under a certain amount of money, $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, whatever it may be. Today Im going to show you what I bought at the thrift for under $30… ( Plus a small student discount;)
1.       The first Item I found was this AMAZING and vintage Lee sports Miami Dolphins sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is complete with patches and the world “dolphins” On the back. I bought this for a whopping 6.97! Score for sure.dolphins 2.jpg
2. The next item I picked up was a great basic piece that was actually on my list of things I wanted to find at the thrift! The perfect plain white turtleneck! With winter quickly approaching turtlenecks are an essential piece to my wardrobe. They are perfect to throw under sweatshirts, tshirts, or just alone with a nice pair of jeans or a skirt. This was only about $2.00!white turtleneck
3. The third Item I found was this Glorious long sleeved champion tee shirt. I’m always on the lookout for some good champion pieces so when I saw this I immediately had to grab it. champion shirt thrift find 4
4. The next item is a plain grey nike tshirt. This was only about $2.00, too great of a deal to pass up.. Thrift tip: ALWAYS look through all the t-shirts at the thrift especially men’s becasue they always have the best oversized tees 😉nike shirt thrift find 3
5. The last shirt I got was this amazing skull graphic tee that is definitely giving me Harley Davidson vibes, It also has a super rad back graphic that reads “fear no evil” fear none thrift find 4
6.        The last item I picked up from the thrift were these amazing pair of BRAND NEW vans, now finding BRAND new shoes at the thrift store is such a dream I can barely fathom my good luck this day! vans pic 2vans pic 1

       Happy thrifting to all and If you read this post, thank you so much:) and give me a follow!

xOxo- hEo

Fashion and self expression

The world is cruel. It will judge you, yell at you, tell you your ideas are stupid and you should just quit while you’re ahead. But no one successful ever got to that point by quitting. Not everyone will like what you have to say, what you feel, how you dress or who you are. By letting someone’s opinion of you determine how you hold yourself you LET THEM WIN. I’ve had friends, classmates look at me and ask “what are you wearing?” “why did you do your makeup like that?”, “You think that looks good?” Being an individual who has always looked to my outfits to express how I’m feeling that day or at the particular time these comments always bugged me. Why did you care what I am wearing or why? I found a voice in fashion and today I speak loud and true. Today, at 20 years old I realize the only things that define who I am are the things that I want to be. I disregard any opinions of my fashion choices or personal style that do not effect me. Today at 20 years old, I realize The only person I aim to please by the way I style myself is me. My message to any young girl or boy who is struggling with the way they express themselves is to just stop giving a f***. Because in the end, when everyone else is gone, all you really have is yourself.  xOxo – hEo

dELiA*s Revival

If you were a teen in the late 90’s and early 00’s there’s a very high chance you remember dELiA*s catalogs. You likely remember flipping through the pages and ogling at the cute graphic tees and comical yet adorable and perfectly stylish jewelry. Although for me… I was not a teen in the 90’s more like I was born in the late 90’s. I missed the whole baggy carpenter jeans and baby tees but lucky for me fashion always comes full circle. I should know.. Ive been borrowing clothes from my moms closet as they come back in style for years now! Fyi, if you haven’t raided your moms closet yet I highly recommend doing so… Its like your own personal 80’s thrift store right inside your home!               My mom always said she was keeping her old clothes for when they came back into style, Who would have guessed shed be right! As for me I shopped at my local dELiA*s during my Junior high- Early high school years. My friends and I would venture to our local mall straight to the dELiA*s inside in order to get our perfect outfits for the birthday party or dinner plans we had later that night. Soon after beginning our Highschool careers the dELiA*s inside the mall had shut down. Soon to be replaced by a shiny new shoe store. And that, that was the end of dELiA*s as I knew it. That was until I came across a certain article on Bustle Informing me of the great revival of the clothing brand that once was. And who other to revive it than Dolls Kill. delias 98

delias 18

Above shows A dELiA*s catalogue page from their spring break collection of 1998 vs a Photo of the revival  by dolls kill. Dolls kill, known for their out of the box style and different approach to women’s fashion in my eyes was the perfect candidate for this legendary revival. If you haven’t spent a few hours scrolling through all of what the dolls kill website has to offer I suggest you do so. Yes you might find yourself breaking the bank for some new platform  boots or a crazy coat you just have to have, but if that’s a risk your willing to take, forge on and on my friend. Dolls kill breaks all the rules and more so makes their own. They have forged their own path in the fashion industry showing us that women are a flying powerful force and that we are each our own, with our own traits and ways we fight our battles.

After looking through each Catalogue page of vintage dELiA*s this website had to offer I decided the fashion they displayed was of a much simpler time. Although I could go on an be such a typical Gen x-er and explain how I’d much rather had been born in the 80’s but…. you’ve heard it all before. SO instead of wishing you were born in a simpler time why not try to make the time you were born in more simple.

Thank you for reading this post, if you’d like to check out dELiA*s 96-98 catalogue I’ll Link the website below.  xOxo- Heo

Venice Beach~ Something special

This summer I had the pleasure of making my way to sunny California, Venice beach specifically. I arrived in LAX for the first time and was utterly surprised by how big and insane LAX truly was. The second I stepped out of the airport and breathed that fresh ocean air I felt at home once again. See, this isn’t my first time visiting the sunshine state. I had ventured to San Diego once before and cherished every second of it. I guess the thing about California is the draw it has. The place will draw you in and you wont ever want to leave, from the sandy beaches to the blue skies and perfect temperatures, to the personalities, culture, and opportunities. The vast coastlines and the mountainous terrain, there is no shortage of activities to participate in.

venice 2

My time Spent in Venice Beach was short lived but by no means shortly enjoyed, I loved walking the board walk and capturing all the characters in my memory forever. I thoroughly enjoyed walking the beach in the nighttime, capturing complete solitude and peacefulness. I also LOVED the hotel we stayed in, It was called the Ellison suites. If you are looking for an authentic Venice beach experience this is it. The murals on the side of the building, rooftop views, vintage décor, and walking distance from the beach itself all come together to make an amazing Venice beach experience.

venice beach.JPG