My Top Five Pinterest looks Oct11

Scroll, click, scroll, click, scroll ,scroll, scroll. This is me while getting sucked into the blackhole that is Pinterest. Here on Pinterest one may stay awhile, one may stay anywhere from 1 hour to infinite hours. Every time I open up that little app I immediately forget what I originally opened the app for in the first place! Many times I end up looking through art, Paintings, Drawings, maybe some pictures of beautiful beaches I long to visit.. but more often than not I end up scrolling through countless fashion and outfit pictures. Fashion inspires me in a much different way than other types of art. The way fashion can be a pure form of self expression and one can have ultimate creativity along with that self expression makes me even more enamored with clothes and putting them together.  SO this little series of post is one of which I will try to maintain everyday.. although I’ll most likely miss a few days.. maybe more… I promise I’m trying my best!

The first outfit I choose for today is This Leopard print shorts, chunky sneakers and graphic tee shirt look. This look is right on point with the trends of this fall and summer, I love the way she matches the Harley Davidson tee with the leopard print shorts. The ugly sneakers trend is one I am all the way here for as well. Honestly, if I could own every pair of ugly sneakers ever made… I totally would.

The second outfit I have chosen is this fall/winter look. I love the simplistic qualities of this look as well as her doc martens, which I swear, I will soon own! This outfit pulls together perfectly with the turtle neck, leather jacket and mom jeans for the perfect winter city look.

For my third outfit I choose This laid back, comfy all white look with high waisted joggers and a cropped turtleneck. I feel like this look is the perfect winter “casual cute”.

My fourth fit of the day is inspired by the recent trend of streetwear… which I am crazy about. I cant lie, while deciding which look I was going to finally decide on I scrolled through over 10 minutes worth of streetwear looks. One might say I’m obsessed. I’ve  been implementing some of these styles into my everyday looks and I enjoy the fun ways this lets women express themselves.

For my Fifth and final outfit of the day I decided on This adorable green flowered dress. I Fell absolutely in love with the cut in style of this dress. I can just see myself wearing it on the beach right now!

That about sums it up for today folks.. be on the lookout for my next Pinterest outfits of the day.. XOX0- H e O


What the hell is the point?

Well Hellooooo to whomever may stumble across my blog, website, personal rant machine… eh whatever you’d like to call it. Did my title catch your attention? I hope so, that was the point. Despite my title, I am not some teenage who thinks this life is meaningless and without point. Actually, I believe quite the opposite. I am a full on hardcore believer of this beautiful, wonderous world we live in and as I enter my 20’s my excitement and eagerness to travel and explore every crevice this planet has to offer has only grown. This urge and excitement has grown so much inside of me I can no longer ignore it. So I guess you could say that is my reason for beginning this blog. I want to explore, but not just in the physical sense. I crave to explore every theory, every idea, every new fashion trend, every new yoga technique… I mean I could go on for hours. The point is, I have so many interests and ideas I want to explore, and I am tired of these interest just being a mess of jumbled up thoughts inside my head. So here, this is my place for all of them. Enjoy:) – Heo cropped-line-copy1.png

“What we think, We become” – Buddha